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You were told the game would be ready by Early January. We have had a few problems with the guy helping make the game quitting. WikiaFrog has handled this well. He is now creating the game with SmartFoxServer. This caused a delay. The game will now be finished in about mid-Febuary

A Taster for Frog Place game

Here is a test version That WikiaFrog (Founder of Frog Place) Made. Obviously, this was made on Scratch, but the full version will be created on something else, making it much better. Have a go!

How was it? Here are some sneak peaks of the game:


A standard Green frog



A standard Player Card


  • M.O.D.’s can buy special items, have pets etc.
  • Mascots and Moderators will have access to Bait items, not available to normal players.
  • Mascots will have special player cards



Frog Place Beta Test Coming Soon!

We have been working really hard, and it has payed off! The Official Frog Place Beta Test is coming soon to everyone to play! For people who test, they will get a special item only for testers! It will not be availible after testing ends.

So remember, stay hopping!