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Please, make sure to spread the news about Frog-Place!


Details on Frog Place

  • Frog place will be released December 2012 – January 2013.
  • There will be mascots
  • Dog, an evil bullfrog, will attempt to turn frog place into bullfrog land
  • There will be a certain amount of Mods, to make sure the game is safe from cusses and fights
  • It was created by Wikiafrog, with many co-founders, including me, leader of CP parties and rhysw2002.

Macot Ideas

Image Hello There! On frog place, we will have mascots, like club penguin. We currently have Seymore (controlled by me!), Dog (evil bullfrog), Ned and Professor Needleflop. Please, please leave your ideas for new mascots in the comments. It will be a great help!



The Most Villainous Crab Ever!

Hello world!

Welcome! We are currently developing Frog World, a new virtual world! Please see http://frog-place.wikia.com/wiki/ for more info. Anyway, Me (WikiaFrog), Leader of CP Parties!, Green Puffle, and Rhysw2002 are the creators of the game. We hope you will love it when it comes! anyway, Happy Thanksgiving!